Our story

Who are we?

Wezarp technology is designed by Testea, founded by two French 15-years experienced engineers in software development.

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Why Wezarp?

Previously involved in designing Automated Test Equipment for major customers in Automotive and Aerospace domains, we understood that needs have changed with the advent of mobility devices like tablets, smartphones and mobile computers. Providing mobility solutions to control and monitor software applications running on a server became a mandatory requirement, to facilitate life and reduce time wasted.

Custom Server/Client architecture is tough to develop and very expensive to maintain.

That is why we decided to develop a tool that helps developers, engineers and scientists to get a remote solution dedicated to their software.

Wezarp is not yet another Remote Desktop Solution, it's a Remote Software Solution (RSS)! 

Wezarp provides a so easy solution to control a software application with a remote device. No development, no time wasted, no maintenance...

Make your application Wezarp Compliant!