Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite is now available!

Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite

What is the difference between Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite and Wezarp for LabVIEW Pro?

Wezarp for LabVIEW Pro

Wezarp for LabVIEW Pro is dedicated to a development computer and allows building an unlimited number of LabVIEW applications embedding Wezarp.

The deployment of your application will use Wezarp on each target computer without any activation required.


Wezarp Licensing System Pro


Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite

Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite is dedicated to a computer using Wezarp technology if Wezarp for LabVIEW Pro has not been activated.

If you need to deploy your LabVIEW application that embeds Wezarp technology, you will also have to activate the Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite license on your target computer.

Wezarp Licensing System Lite


Try Wezarp for LabVIEW for free by downloading the 30-Day trial version

Wezarp for LabVIEW Lite



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