Wezarp Library is now available in Lite and Pro versions! - Remote Control DLL

Wezarp Library Lite

New features for both versions:

    • Switch from Remote Application mode to Remote Desktop Connection mode programmatically
    • Advanced functions to set configuration parameters programmatically


Reminder: What is Wezarp Library?

Wezarp Library is composed of a DLL and .NET DLL for dedicated Integrated Development Environments (C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET, JAVA, ANSI C, LabWindows™/CVI, WINDEV...) and free client applications for tablets, smartphones or remote desktops.

It proposes an easy remote solution to control or monitor a remote software application or a Windows remote desktop. Wezarp is multi-client, multi-server and multi-window with no limitation of the graphical user interface design. 

Simply insert Wezarp Server library into your program, Install Wezarp client software on your remote device, set the server IP address. That's all, it works! 

Wezarp is not yet another remote desktop software solution over internet. It works within your network domain and applies your safety rules.


What is the difference between Wezarp Library Lite and Wezarp Library Pro?

Wezarp Library Pro

One license is dedicated to one developement computer and allows compilation and deployment of unlimited applications.

The deployment of your application will use Wezarp on each target computer without any activation required.


Wezarp Licensing System Pro


Wezarp Library Lite

One license is dedicated to one computer.

Wezarp Library Lite is dedicated to a computer using Wezarp technology if Wezarp Library Pro has not been activated.

If you need to deploy your application that embeds Wezarp technology, you will also have to activate a Wezarp Library Lite license on your target computer.


Wezarp Licensing System Lite 




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