Remote control C#

Add to your C# software a great remote control feature using Wezarp Library!

What is Wezarp Library?

Wezarp Library is composed of a DLL and .NET DLL for dedicated Integrated Development Environments (C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET, JAVA, ANSI C, LabWindows™/CVI, WINDEV...) and free client applications for tablets, smartphones or remote desktops.

It proposes an easy remote solution to control or monitor a remote software application or a Windows remote desktop. Wezarp is multi-client, multi-server and multi-window with no limitation of the graphical user interface design. 

Simply insert Wezarp Server library into your program, Install Wezarp client software on your remote device, set the server IP address. That's all, it works! 

Wezarp is not yet another remote desktop software solution over internet. It works within your network domain and applies your safety rules.


How to do?

On the computer side

It's really easy, follow this step by step tutorial using the 30-Day trial version of Wezarp Library.

Download and install Wezarp Library Lite (Free 30-Day Trial)

Project Workspace (example using Microsoft Visual Studio)

C# Remote Desktop Software Project

As done in this example, just add the three following lines in your main program file (Program.cs).

-        using com.wezarp.lib                    : Namespace assembly WEZARP

-        WEZARP.Start (PC-ID);                 : Launch the Wezarp server

PC-ID: Enter empty string to make the pop-up license activation appears - Accept the terms of use and click on "Continue" (30-Day Trial version)

-        WEZARP.Exit();                                 : Close the Wezarp server


That's all!

Run your program and continue the tutorial with your remote device.

This FAQ does not address the deployment and distribution topic. To deploy and distribute, the license should be activated. Download the User Manual for more information.


On the Remote device side

Select and download the required free app for your remote device.

Free Wezarp Client Apps


Read the following FAQ topics depending of your device:






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