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Legal warning

This legal warning includes the general conditions of access and use of the web Portal, hereinafter the "the Portal", which is held and owned by "Testea", located at 1370 Rue des Pyrénées- 31330 GRENADE - TVA FR18 815 335 054, hereinafter “the Owner”. The use of the Portal implies express and full acceptance of these general conditions and each and every one of the provisions of this legal warning in the version published at the time when the user enters this Warning. Users must therefore read this legal warning each time they enter the Portal, as changes may be made to the general conditions and also to the special conditions that might be applied to certain specific services of the Portal. Access to the Portal is free and no subscription is necessary to be able to view it. The Portal provides general information about softwares and services provided by Testea.


The information contained in the Portal stands as of the date of the most recent update and the owner does not guarantee the absence of errors in access to the Portal or in the content, but will take all pertinent measures to avoid them, correct them and/or update them as soon as they should occur. The Owner reserves the right to modify and update the information on the Portal, the Portal's presentation and configuration and the conditions of access without any need for prior warning and at any time. Likewise, the Owner reserves the right to modify and/or totally or partially omit the contents of the Portal and to restrict access thereto. If any maintenance, repair, update or service improvement operations have to be done, the Owner reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Portal without any need for prior warning, and also to give or cancel the services without prejudice to trying to inform the users, provided that circumstances should so allow. The use of this Portal and the information provided is the user's responsibility. The Owner accepts no responsibility for any damage caused or which might be caused of any kind by the use of the information, the content of the Portal and the programmes it incorporates. The Owner accepts no responsibility for the use that the web user might make of the services, contents, links and hyperlinks contained in the Portal. No third party may establish a framing relationship between their web pages and the Portal. Similarly, the Owner accepts no responsibility for the third party content that can be accessed using the links in the Portal.

Intellectual property on the contents

All of the elements appearing in the Portal and the structure, design and source code are the property of "Testea" or any third parties that might have granted their corresponding rights of use, which the user of this site shall respect, and which are therefore protected by intellectual property regulations. No reproduction, modification, distribution or public communication may be made of the Portal without the previous, written consent of the Owner. User access to the contents and services of the Portal implies no right of transmission, concession, use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication thereof without previous and express authorisation given specifically to this effect by the Owner or the third party holding the rights, if this is the case. Users of the Portal may only make private and personal use of the contents, that is, they will only be entitled to view and make copies of the contents for their personal and exclusive use and shall make such use on the basis of the principles of good faith and applicable regulations. Any use of the Portal or any of its elements for commercial or illicit purposes will be absolutely prohibited. Any unauthorised use of the information in this Portal, and any damage caused to the intellectual property rights may cause the exercise of all pertinent legal actions and, as the case may be, the responsibilities of said exercise.

Data protection

In accordance with Law 15/2003 of 18 December concerning the protection of personal data, users are hereby informed that:
Visits to the Portal are anonymous. Similarly, in order to offer better service and to facilitate the use of the Portal, an analysis is made of the number of pages visited, the number of visits and the activity of the visitors to the Portal and the frequency with which they use it.
Furthermore, the Portal provides processes of user registry, contact, contests and marketing campaigns by means of which they collect personal data concerning the users which will form part of the Contact file managed by Testea. The personal data collected by means of these processes, competitions and campaigns may be passed on to third parties collaborating with Testea for sending information, news, advertising and any other activity related to the Testea activities by any means or channel of information. When users take part in these processes, competitions or campaigns, Testea will save the personal data they have requested and will take all necessary measures to avoid their unauthorised alteration, loss, treatment or access as established in applicable regulations. In these cases, the user will be obliged to keep their data updated so that they might correspond to reality at all times, and the user may exercise all rights recognised by law and particularly all rights of access, rectification, opposition and suppression of their personal data, and the right to revoke the consent they gave for their data to be conceded. These rights may be exercised by the party concerned or, if necessary, by whosoever should represent them.


The Owner agrees not to make deceitful advertising. In this sense, deceitful advertising will not be the formal or numerical errors that might be found in the different sections of the Portal due to maintenance and/or incomplete or faulty updating of the information contained in these sections of the Portal due to what is mentioned in this section, and the Owner agrees to correct this situation when they are made aware of said errors and not to send commercial communications without identifying them.


The Portal uses cookies that are stored in the user's computer. Cookies are small files that the server sends to the users' computers but which provide no personal information. The server in which the Portal is housed automatically recognises the IP address of the customer and/or user computers, the date and time when the connection is made and terminated, and all information on the different sections consulted. The server has to know these data to be able to communicate.

Users can configure their browsers to warn of the presence of cookies. Equally, users may configure their browsers in order not to receive these cookies, as this will not prevent access to the information on the Portal.

In any case, access to the Portal implies acceptance by the user of the use of the cookies mentioned above and any other which there might be for technical reasons.

Policies of use

Users are responsible for complying with the current laws and regulations and the rules applicable to the use made of the products and applications. Similarly, any use of the Portal contrary to good faith is prohibited in particular, and non-exhaustively: all use contrary to Andorran regulations or which might breach the rights of third parties; all publication or transmission of any content that is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racial, xenophobic or defamatory: all alteration or fraudulent intervention in personal websites, electronic mails or systems of other users or third parties without their authorisation; all cracks, program serial numbers and any other content that breaches third party intellectual property rights; the collection and/or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or which infringes the provisions of Qualified Law 15/2003 concerning the protection of personal data; the use of the mail server, domain and the email addresses for the purpose of unwanted mail, massive mailing, replacement of identity, fraud under the custody of third parties, Scam 419, pharming, virus spreading (Trojans, etc.) or any kind of activity performed with fraudulent or criminal intention. The user is solely responsible for the content of the data and the information transmitted and stored in the contracted or unmanaged authorised spaces of the Portal, as well as the hyperlinks, third party complaints and all legal actions that might affect the intellectual property, rights of personality, data protection and any other. It is expressly forbidden to access, modify, and view the configuration, structure and files of the servers of the Portal. In the event of any problem that might occur in the servers and security systems of the portal as a  direct result of user negligence, the user shall respond for all civil and criminal liability that might correspond. The user will respect the technical standards provided by the Portal in the administration and development of the products used, so that there is no abusive use thereof that might delay the servers and negatively affect the provision of the products or rights of other users.


All rights derived from the intellectual property are expressly reserved for the Owner. The source code, the graphic designs, the photographs, the music, the sounds, the animations, the software, the texts, the domain names, the brand and the information and contents compiled throughout the website are protected by Andorran legislation in favour of the Owner. The Owner does not totally or partially allow any reproduction, publication, computer treatment, distribution, dissemination, modification, transformation or decompilation without previous permission in writing. Users may only use the material that appears in the Portal for their personal and private use. All use for commercial or any other purpose that is not personal and private is prohibited. The Owner will ensure compliance with the above conditions and the due use of their intellectual and industrial property, and will exercise all legal actions that might correspond. The Owner may modify the information contained in the Portal without prior warning, as well as its configuration and presentation.


All access to and use of the Portal implies the user's consent and acceptance of the conditions described above.

Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

These conditions of access are subject to Andorran legal ordinance and to its Tribunals.