Wezarp Server


Remote Desktop Access - Remote Access Software

      Takemote Lite and Pro features:
    • Remote control your Windows computer (as standard Remote Desktop Software)
    • Or select only the application(s) you want to control, and not the desktop session!
    • So easy to use!
    • Multi-Client, Multi-Window
    • Various Wezarp Client software are available and free of charge for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows)

      Takemote Pro - Additional features
    • Configurable as a service with a ‘run at startup’ option
    • Select multiple applications
    • Automatic control at launching of pre-selected applications

Remote Desktop Access - Remote Desktop Connection - Remote Desktop Software

Takemote is a turnkey application that allows to monitor or control any application or Windows Desktop session with a tablet, a smartphone or a remote computer (iOS, Android or Windows).

- Install Takemote on your Windows Computer - Select the application to control or the desktop 

- Download the required Wezarp Client App on your remote device - Set the server IP Address

- It Works!

€99 one licence
€90 / licence

DownloadV 1.3.2 - 118 Mb
Choose your Wezarp client app: Select clients