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Wezarp allows a software application to be controlled by a remote device such as a tablet, a smartphone or a computer through a company local network or over internet with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel.

No development, No time wasted
Wezarp proposes an easy solution, multi-client, multi-server, multi-window, with no limitation of your graphical user interface design.

So easy!

Make your application Wezarp compliant!
Wezarp is composed of a set of librairies for various Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and Client applications for remote devices.

Make it Wezarp!

This video shows what is Wezarp technology and how to implement it. Discover all the benefits that Wezarp can bring to your software application.


Simply insert Wezarp Server library into your program,
Install Wezarp client software on your remote device, set server IP address.

That's all, it works!


Security is your IT systems security. 



Wezarp is not yet another remote desktop software solution over internet.

It works within your network domain and applies your safety rules.


Wezarp meets various requirements in any domains:

Defense Systems
Energy and climate
Research and Development


Wezarp allows remote control and monitoring of:


Factory assembly lines
Data acquisition systems 
Control and Automation
Telemetry systems

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